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Please review the TCH booking portal to help you find appropriate accommodation. It shows available rooms in different hotels for your required travel period.

Please note: you can also use hotel booking portals like www.booking.com or www.hotels.com to find a suitable accomodation.

Warning! In connection with previous reported incidents, Conventus warns of fraudulent actions by companies that claim to be contractors (or affiliates) of Conventus. These companies request credit card information from speakers, industry partners and participants under the pretext of alleged accommodation and registration queries.
Please do under no circumstances forward any personal or credit card information unless the person contacting you can be clearly identified as an Conventus employee.
Conventus, however, cannot be made liable for any damage or claims. Conventus has already filed a complaint in this matter. If you are contacted by such a company, please notify us immediately, preferably via julian.unger@conventus.de.